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Double Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies 

I love chocolate! Unless it has nuts in it. I’m not crazy for peanuts and chocolate. Believe it or not, I have never made a dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I have been making cookies since I was like twelve yet never made these. I have made brownies and cakes […]

Pumpkin Pie Swirl Cheesecake

A few years ago someone asked me to make pumpkin cheesecake, I wasn’t thrilled. It was all orange and looked burnt. It wasn’t burnt, just looked it. When things look bad, you don’t want to taste it, it might taste as bad as it looks. Like they say you eat […]

Peach Cobbler

Working at my local farmer’s market has a great advantage: I can buy great tasting local produce for my home and business at amazing prices. Not only do I get great tasting foods, but I help the local farmers, too. I call that a win-win. I highly recommend everyone shop […]

Italian Wedding Cookies

One bite into these cookies, and I was transported me back to my childhood. It has been years since I had these cookies. Growing up, I can remember my mom making these during the holiday season. We were never allowed in the kitchen when she baking, I think she was […]

Gingerbread Cookies

Every year around the holidays you start to see those kits that you build your own gingerbread house, train, village. By the end of the season you can have your very own gingerbread town. As fun as these kits are, I have two problems with them, 1) never enough candy […]

Five Minute Bread

With three growing kids and a husband who love peanut butter sandwiches, we can go through a loaf of bread in days. That’s just during the school week, I am not even talking about when they are home for vacations or summer time. Growing kids can eat you out of […]