Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Over the last few months I have notice that I am not bringing home as much food as I use to but I was paying more. After looking at my receipts I notice a trend my staple items have gone up in price. Eggs alone has increased 2.5% from just from June to July this year. It is not going to stop there is it predicted to rise another 4-5% in 2019!! And it doesn’t stop there.

Fresh veggies are predicted to rise 2-3% over the 1% growth in year in 2019. Fresh fruits are looking to rise between 2-3% next year which is already 1.5-2% on this year’s rise.

That is not even looking at the rise in meats like beef, veal, chicken, pork, or turkey. Beef and veal are predicted to rise 1.5-2.5% next year and that is on top of the 1.5% this year. Pork is the only one that might see a decrease, -0.75- 0.25%.

Dairy products like milk, cheese, ice cream are going to decline this from 1-0%. That is great but it won’t last long. Next year in 2019 these items are looking to rise in price between 3-4%!! What goes great with milk in the morning besides coffee, cereal. Cereal and bakery items may not have had a huge rise like many of the other items 0.25-1.25% increase in 2018, next year it will add another 2.5-3.5% on top of the already growing prices.

So if you are looking at your grocery bill and wondering where all the money is going you have your answer. Prices are going up, quantity is going down and the consumers are the ones paying the price. We all want to be able to eat healthy meals and still work with the budget and that gets harder and harder to do when the prices keep going up.

We need to make every dollar stretch and still get the best bang for our buck. There are three things that people want more these days when it comes to grocery shopping: quantity of healthy foods, saving money and more time with family.  After doing research and doing this in my own life I can tell you it works.

You can check out the this PDF if you want to take a look at some of the hard numbers. CPIforecast1


  • Look through the weekly flyers to see what is on sale! Plan a menu around these foods.
  • Plan a menu!! This is key and honestly you don’t have to think what’s for dinner later on. You did it already.
  • Plan meals that will have leftovers. Makes for an easy dinner later on or lunch for the work week. Seeing more savings. And making a big batch of something takes the same amount of time as the smaller batches.
  • Use the menu to make a shopping list. This way you are going to the store with a plan. Planning now with save you time and money later.
  • Shop your pantry and fridge first. Make sure to look through there first so you not buying what you already have.
  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach, you are more prone to buying snacks while shopping and going outside the budget.
  • Use a calculator! We all have phones on us when we leave the house. Most of the phones have calculators on them, use them to help stay on top of the budget. And you can make the kids do it and use it as a teaching moment.
  • Buy in bulk. If you can, do it!! This is especially useful for non food items.
  • Buy the cheaper cuts of meat. They take just a little time to prepare but they are just as delicious as the more expensive cuts.
  • Buy less convenience/prepped You get more for your money buy shredding your own cheese and lettuce and it only takes a minute. Honestly it tastes better too. This is one of the areas where you are going to have to decided if convenience is worth the extra money for less.
  • Buy whole chickens and cut it up yourself. You can get 2 breasts, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 legs for a fraction of the cost when you buy it already cut up. Again you need to figure out if time is more important then savings.
  • Don’t buy name brand items. Most of the non-brand items are made by the same company.
  • Shop your local farmer’s market. They are going to have the best deals on fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Learn to cook and bake. Not only are the meals better but this is great time to spend with the family. Creating memories and a life skill all at one time. Bonus you are not cooking by yourself.
  • Go shopping once a week. Going everyday or even every other day you spend more money and waste more time. We go every other week. Spend about an hour of our time shopping which is saving us time through out the week and saving money on not buying foods we don’t need.
  • If you are lucky enough to live in a state that pays for bottles, DO IT! Return your bottles and cans for the deposit that you paid. And you are saving the planet at the same time.
  • Use apps that have coupons or offer money back. Just make sure you are buying the items because you need them not because you have a coupon off for it.

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