How to Make a Stackable Herb Drying Rack

We know that growing our own herbs is a great way to add flavor to foods. I I have a habit of planting a ton of herbs in the spring but we don’t always use them fast enough. And I end up with dying plants. Well not anymore, I took it upon myself to build a inexpensive stackable drying rack. For a total of about $8, I was able to but the wood and cheese cloth needed. Sure I could have just tied some string around them and hung them upside down but what do I do when I don’t have a lot to try and then I am stuck with just hanging them.

By using my stackable drying rack I can dry them anywhere in the house or outside without needing a place to hang them from. I like having that freedom, not having to have to find a place to hang it from. The stackable drying racks that you see on the web are expensive. I was not about to pay that price.

This also makes a project to get the kids involved with. A great way to teach them math skills, how to preserve herbs and get them to be creative. Never know they might even be able to improve on this in ways I never thought of doing.

How to make a Stackable Herb Drying Rack
  • Cheese cloth
  • 18 paint stick stirs 1/8x1x12 inches
  • hot glue
  • hot glue gun
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • 3 ft. wooden dowel cut into 3 inch pieces
  • hand saw
  • sandpaper
  • stain optional
  1. Cut the cheese cloth into 3 12×24 inches sections. Once you have cut the 3 pieces out fold each piece into a square measuring 12×12 inches.

  2. Gather all your wood pieces, a ruler, and a pencil. Mark the dowel every 3inches, you should have made 11 marks giving you 12 3inch sections. Using a hand saw cut each marking. These turn into the legs of the frames. Remember measure twice and cut once.

  3. At this point if you are going to stain the wood pieced go a head. You don’t want to stain the wood after you have attached the cheese cloth.

  4. Take one of the longer paint stir sticks and add a line of hot glue. Be careful when adding the cheese cloth to the glue, this is extremely hot!! Add another line of hot glue on the paint stick and this time add another long paint stir stick, making a sandwich with the two paint stir sticks and cheese cloth. Do this again on the opposite side, make sure to measure the distance from the outer edge to outer edge, it should measure 12 inches. If it helps place one of the long paint stir sticks on top of the piece that you have already made so you can get the correct distance to make the other side.

  5. Time to attach the two ends together. Add some hot glue to the end of the paint stir sticks that you have made, place the long paint stir stick on top. Again be careful of the hot glue. Repeat on the other side. This completes your frame. Now turn your frame over and add more hot glue, gently tap the cheese cloth into place. Be careful the glue is very hot! Repeat until all three frames are complete.

  6. Measure about ½ inch in from the edge of the end and make a mark. This is where you are going to add your posts. Do this on all four sides of the frame. Repeat until all three frames have legs. Make sure your legs are leveled. Use sandpaper if needed to smooth out any rough edges.

  7. Add herbs and wait wait for the goods to dry. Enjoy!!

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