Side Dishes

side dishes

Herb Crackers

We all know that lunchables are great for school. Quick, easy, and no fuss. There are some downsides to these great little packages: they’re not always the healthiest things eat, they have limited combinations, and when feeding four, the cost can start to add up. I gave those little lunchables […]

Garlic & Parmesan Roasted Potatoes

These were invented by my daughter. We were watching Chopped one night, and my twins decided that they wanted to cook dinner and have their own version of Chopped. We joked that we need to have pizza on speed dial that night. After a week of planning, it was decided […]

Sweet Potato Hash

I could come up with a story about how I never had a sweet potato until I moved and that would be true. But, honestly, I started making these when I needed to feed my kids and this is all I had in the pantry. Not going to lie some […]